Approved Dramatic Literature/Theatre Studies courses

These courses can fulfill the dramatic literature, theatre studies, and/or performance studies requirement for Theatre/Drama and Theatre Arts Majors:

  • THTR V3141 Socialism/Communism in Performance
  • THTR V3142 Bertolt Brecht: The Making of Theatre
  • THTR V3146 American Drama in the 1990s
  • THTR V3152 Nazism in Performance
  • THTR V3155 Traditional Indian Theatre
  • THTR V3156 Modern Asian Performance
  • THTR V3167 Dramaturgy
  • THTR V3737 Modernism and 20th Century Theatre
  • CPLS BC3630 Theatre and Democracy
  • CPLS G4152 Politics of Performance

There are a number of courses in other departments that can be used to fulfill this requirement, with the approval of a departmental adviser. Barnard students should consult with their major adviser, and Columbia students with the co-directors of undergraduate studies.