Theatre News, Summer 2013

In welcoming everyone back to campus, the Department would like to take note of several recent achievements of the faculty.

In June, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Sandra Goldmark and Production Manager Michael Banta launched Pop Up Repair, an experimental itinerant repair shop staffed by theatre artists, in Inwood, New York. The project is a challenge to the cycle of use-and-discard consumer goods, and the Inwood community turned out in full force; the Repair team fixed over one ton of broken stuff of all sorts. In May, Goldmark received Barnard's Presidential Research award to investigate repair in the larger context of our culture's habits of consumption. Pop Up Repair is currently planning its next appearance - check out for more information on the shop and the research project.

Sandra Goldmark is also preparing designs for the coming theatre season, including a new play by Terrence McNally called And Away We Go and a New York production of Almost Maine, among other projects.
Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Shayoni Mitra was a participant at the Mellon School of Theatre and Performance Research at Harvard University, organized this year around the theme of "World Theatre." She was also visiting faculty at the BIARI Institute of Theatre and Civil Society at Brown University. Professor Mitra was also part of the Historical Paradigms working group and presented her paper "The (Im)Possibilities of Hindustani Theatre," at the Performance Studies International conference at Stanford University. Here she is with other members of the "Culture of Capitalism" seminar chaired by Martin Puchner,at the Mellon School (Shayoni is third from left, back row):

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Alice Reagan began rehearsal for I Came to Look for You on Tuesday, by Chiroi Miyagawa, opening at La MaMa September 26. She also published several pieces online: an article about "New Plays at Barnard" on the TCG Circle, and pieces on the making of Miyagawa's play and a related guerilla art project on Howl Round and Culturebot.

Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Hana Worthen, with her colleague Simo Muir, published a co-edited collection, Finland's Holocaust: Silences of History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). Finland's Holocaust traces the implications of silenced antisemitism in Finland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries through Finland's alliance with the Third Reich during much of World War II to the complex negotiation with its wartime past controversially emerging in contemporary historiography. Taking up a range of issues—from cultural history, folklore, the arts, and sports, to the interpretation of military and national history—this collection examines how modern Finnish memory and the writing of history have both engaged and evaded the figure of the Holocaust. The anthology leads off with Professor Worthen's co-written introduction, "Contesting the Silences of History," and includes her searching account of the uses of "humanism" as a postwar means of cleansing wartime history, "Towards New Europe: Arvi Kivimaa, Kultur, and the Fictions of Humanism."

In the words of Daniel Weintraub, who reviewed the anthology for Hakehila, the magazine of the Helsinki Jewish Community, "Finland's Holocaust: Silences of History is a book that should not only be translated into Finnish, but should also be widely read, and above all internalized."

The volume is available at Professor Worthen discussed the process of collecting and curating this body of work in an interview with Barnard College.

Alice Brady Pels Professor in the Arts W. B. Worthen has two articles recently published: "Stanislavsky and Cognitive Theatre Studies," Cambridge Companion to Stanislavsky, ed. Andrew White (Cambridge University Press), and "'What light through yonder window speaks?' The Nature Theater of Oklahoma Romeo and Juliet and the Cult(ure) of Shakespeare," Shakespeare and the Urgency of Now, ed. Cary di Pietro and Hugh Grady (Palgrave Macmillan). His new book, Shakespeare Performance Studies is in press at Cambridge University Press.