Sandra Goldmark


On December 17, 2021, Sandra Goldmark, associate professor of professional practice in theatre and Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action, published an article in Theatre and Performance Design, which she co-authored with Katharine Purdum ’22. The work, titled “In words and chairs: making meaning of sustainability, equity and circularity in American theatrical design and production,” examines patterns and designs of production while making the argument that theatre artists should reshape the meaning of their work to include sustainability and environmental justice in their designs. 
The authors emphasize the “increasingly urgent climate emergency” to which American theatre is contributing and describe the “environmental degradation, waste, and inequity” that results from the status quo. They also assert that circular, regenerative design practices and clear public statements can create a new vision for sustainable American theatre. The paper concludes by explaining how every choice an artist makes can tell a story of environmental justice, renewal, and sustainability.